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Land for sale in Maio Island, Cape Verde - 59165 ( Listed 18/04/2007 by )
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Land in Maio Island, Cape Verde - 59165 Beach 1
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Property Type: Land Town: Turtle Bay Resort Region: Maio Island, Cape Verde
Bedrooms: 0 Bathrooms: 0 Size: 1,000 sq m
Listed Price: 44,319 GBP

(EUROS) € 65,747
(GBP) £ 44,319
(US) $ 88,328
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This is without doubt one of the best developments we have had to market and will offer something for everyone. With beach frontage, new marina and at a highly competitive price structure, this is your chance to potentially own your own bit of paradise.
Plot prices from:

€75,000 for a premier plot.

€125,000 front line plot.


• Beach frontage.
• Quiet, desirable location.
• New marina planned.
• Freehold ownership.
• 1,000 sqm plot size.
• 4 bedroom Villas & Townhouses.


This development is structured to enable you to maximise your investment. You will initially purchase your plot and then will make a second further payment for the infrastructure and final payment structured over twelve months for the construction of your luxury villa. Constructors finance will be available for your villa up to 100%.


• Individual Freehold Plots.
• Planning for 4 bedroom Villas & Townhouses.
• Beachfront location.
• Payment in stages.
• Low initial investment.
• Finance for 100% of build cost.
• Excellent potential returns.


The Cape Verde Islands are part of the Macaronesia, a grouping of four Atlantic archipelagos, which also include Portugal’s Azores, Madeira Islands and Spain’s Canary Islands. The Islands are located off the West coast of Africa in the same line and latitude as Barbados, allowing summer weather all year round boasting an average temperature of around 25 degrees along with 10-12 hours of sunshine daily.

The Cape Verde Islands were uninhabited when discovered by the Portuguese in 1460. Over the centuries, African blood (originally brought in under slavery) mixed with the blood of the Portuguese, and to a lesser extent with English and French, to create a Cape Verdean people. In 1975, after more than five hundred years of union, the Cape Verde was given Independence from Portugal.

Cape Verde is made up of 10 islands and 8 islets, they are of volcanic origin and are located around 1000 miles south of the Canary Islands and 300 miles off the coast of Senegal, western Africa. The islands are divided into two groups named according to the trade winds that reach them from the African Continent: windward and leeward. The first group consists of the islands of Santo Antão, S.Vicente, Santa Luzia (disabitata), S.Nicolau, Sal, Boavista, and the second, more to the South, comprises the islands of Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava.

Cape Verde temperatures are on average three degrees higher than that of the Canary Islands. Although Cape Verde is independent they are in a sense Portugal's answer to the Canary Islands but being located further south they enjoy a superb tropical climate; superior to that of the Canaries with perfect temperatures for swimming and sunbathing all year round.

Flight-times to Cape Verde are comparatively short compared to other island destinations within the tropics such as in the Caribbean or the Seychelles. Existing scheduled flights to Sal Island take about five-and-a-half hours from Paris and 6 hours from Amsterdam, Milan, Munich, Frankfurt and Rome. From Lisbon, flights are three-and-a-half hours and from Las Palmas (Canaries) about one-and-a-half hours. Direct flights from the UK will begin this Autumn.


Two parcels of land in Maio, Cape Verde. Each parcel approximately 50 hectares. 1,000,000 square meters of land.

25% for infrastructure 750,000 sq m remaining.

50,000 sqm commercial – Marina development, bars, fitness centre, restaurants, hotels, shops etc.

700,000 sq m to sell as plots for luxury Villa’s, with each plot approximately 1,000 sqm (around a quarter of an acre) and each Villa 250sq m (2,680sq ft). A total of 444 Villa’s and 115 town houses(180sq m or 1,930sq ft).

Plots of 1000 sqm are sold freehold, with title deed and full planning permission for a 250 sqm two storey villa or a 180sq m townhouse. Planning Permission has been granted for 4 bed 3 bath villas and townhouses - prices are based on the Developers previous experience and developments - shipping in materials and using local labour

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